Graham Bell – article illustration

another article illustration for “موهبة” Mawhiba (Saudi magazine aiming to encourage young talented people); this time about Graham Bell.

Bell was obsessed with sounds from since he started reasoning. the article tells how he was trying once to hear the sound of the corn plant growing up…
here’s where the title page illustration is from:

graham bell article illustration

some illustrations from the article:

graham bell article illustration

graham bell article illustration


2 comments to Graham Bell – article illustration

  • Ahmad Osman

    I love it love it love it.

    I guess the thing I love most is his eyebrows, and I also love his eyes, and his father’s beard, and his mother’s shirt. What a good-looking lad, actually.

    Oh and I love the maize ears. Actually the degree of stylisation in the opening illustration was not followed, and is actually amazing (though anyway you couldn’t have followed it, for it owes itself to the telephoto angle of depiction, which per se was not followed, something that I understand because it can get really static).

    Oh and I love the shadow that he casts upon the table in the last illustration.

    But what I love best, even better than Bell’s eyebrows, is the fact that he listened to the maize ears growing. When we grow up, we often forget to do this, and many of us are born grown-up.

  • Lovely blog and great illustrations ! Keep it up

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