some sketches

i took a workshop with jorj abou mhaya (a great illustrator) where we focused on characters illustration (some history, tips and practice…). jorj is giving now a workshops on sketching & the drawing basics. if you are interested this is the links on facebook

i had some time this weekend to scan some of my sketches and share them with you.. enjoy!
you can click on the last one to enlarge.. it’s much better on bigger scale.

model sheet sketches

character illustration sketches

gypsy colored illustration


4 comments to some sketches

  • Ahmad Osman

    (rofl) you have like a thousand million typos on dirait ‘Haydé genius child Hanane who does mind-blowing illustrations even though she’s only three.’

    Bass smallah ya mama your illustrations are really better than the rest of your class, w ana b7ottollic étoile 3a khele2tic.

    Indeed, the last one more than holds its ground when enlarged, but of course, my brain was washed (like the rest of us) to still admire the pen sketch, so I will.

    Beautiful work.

  • (rofl) indeed!! hahaha
    this is what happens when i decide to write after 11h30 pm (knowing that my bed time is at 9pm ;) )
    i actually also have a preference for the pen sketch.
    thanks hu!

  • Woaaaaaaw !!! Woman !!! :D I love those characters ! :D More ! :)

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