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  • Johnna Jean

    Your work is equidistant and beautiful; don’t ever stop creating. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.

  • Nizar

    I loved every single scratch you did..keep coloring y/our world!

  • WAW! You are sooooooo talented! I love your work.
    The design of the page “there for design” is very attractive!
    I never knew there would be a vegan design studio!
    Any gluten free design studio? :)

  • I love it! I totally love your work… YOur illustrations are amazing. I cannot understand Arabic though, but I amazed about your drawings! Do you sale them?
    Macsalame! :P

  • Myriam djelouat

    Hi Hanane,
    Love the illustrations, discovered you on the last issue of brownbook.
    Where can I get the chance of getting one of your illustrations?
    Please let me know,

  • prof. hirseland

    I need ur illustration for a storyboard

    If yes call me soon

    Loauy 00961 70 83 21 86
    Prof.Hirseland 00961 71 879 360

  • alejandro


    I was looking around here, and I do really like your creativity and art.

    My girlfriend was looking around and found your work.. She immediatly send it to me:D

    … Was wandering If you could do something for me. Eventuely maybe..

    I’m Crazy about Serge Gainsbourg. My idol. You know him? I wanted to have a tattoo of him on my shoulder.

    You thinks you want/can do this for me? In your own style.. ?

    Would be nice anyway.

    Let me know something :)

    otherwise, goodluck ! :)

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