BEYROUTES a guide to Beirut

i was one of the participants of the project: Beyroutes, A guide to Beirut. the result of the project is a book that was launched last saturday (6 march 2010).

Beyroutes, unlike any other guide to Beirut, presents a whole different way of touring in Beirut… a way that takes “the human infrastructure as a point of departure”. it offers a variety of subjective explorations of the city and it’s layers. it  shows the “complexity of how one gets to know this city, its inhabitants, its buildings, and everyday life.”

Beyroutes guide to beirut cover

i was one of many other illustrators, photographers, writers, artists… that were asked to explore a chosen region inside Beirut, to have a personal understanding of it, and express it in our way.

following is my contribution to this project. you can click on the image for a bigger view and better read

Beyroutes A Guide to Beirut illustrations

crops from the artworks:

Beyroutes A Guide to Beirut illustration

Beytoutes A Guide to Beirut

this guide project and it’s preceding workshops were an initiative of the members of Studio Beirut, supported by Archis, Partizan Publik, and the Pearl Foundation.

here are some teasers of what you can find in this guide :)

Beyroutes guide to beirut


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