Vitrine a new performance featuring Aida Sabra & Joulia Kassar

i was part of the team who worked on Vitrine’s visual creation, and communication material. and i have to say the crew working on this play is amazing!
i learned a lot during the process starting from Nehmeh’s patience and calmness even under stress, David‘s visual expertise, William‘s conceptional creative mind, and Elias calmness.
am going to watch today the final rehearsals and am already excited to see Joulia & Aida, the costumes, the make-ups, and hear Christelle Franca’s music (who’s gona be playing live btw).

go and watch it, great minds, great expertise, great artists, are behind that performance!!
it’s gona be played every thursday, friday, saturday and  sunday at 8:30 pm
at Al Madina theatre  starting tomorrow.

this is the poster, click on the image to see high-res image

vitrine play poster high res

some applications (flyer, bookmark, invitation card)

vitrine play applications

here’s the bookmark which was done before the poster on a very tight deadline

vitrine bookmark

and the dusty window that i stole from a construction site near our studio ;)
yes i returned it back! no i didn’t! haha
it’s where we erased the word Vitrine from.

vitrine visual process

vitrine process


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