illustrating “lamiss”

i was part of the team working on the process of the new initiative by casfekra:

in short the idea behind createseats is this: instead of buying those generic passe-par-tout gifts, casafekra aims to help create “thought-of” personal gifts that leave people feeling appreciated. read more on the blog post of casafekra: “the one with the personal secret…”

for this .:there for design… came up with the concept of “lamiss” the ashamed ostrich. “lamiss” was a perfect representation of  the feeling people get when they give those lame gifts. that’s because when the ostrich puts it’s head in the ground, most people perceive it’s action as shame or fear.

bref, i did the illustration of the first draft visual of the idea (at that time we were still thinking that “lamiss” is a person)

create seats sketch

and i then worked with team .:there for design… developing the visual.
bellow you can see some of the visual process. to see the complete process, visit blog .:there for design…

create seats visual process

and here’s the final result

create seats final visual

the fun part was in the process! collecting tree leaves, dried fruits and flowers from a public garden next to our studio, cutting, gluing, photo-shooting, photo-retouching. again you can see it all on blog .:there for design…

create seats making-of


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