Tongue Twister Book illustration by Hanane Kai

لسانك حصانك Tongue Twister book

Winner of Bologna Ragazzi Award New Horizon 2016

Muwashah modern kufic calligraphy

Muwashah kufic calligraphy


Ithra Knowledge poster visual

Cover illustration for Al Qafilah magazine

portrait illustration for disabled famous people

12 portrait illustrations of...

…highly successful and famous figures despite their disabilities.

Zaven Kouyoumdjian book cover illustration

Illustrated characters for a book by Zaven Kouyoumdjian

Book title: أسعد الله مساءكم‎

Syrian refugee illustration

Illustrating the memories of Syrian refugees

Call for internship poster

Call for internship poster visual


Digital illustrations for an application

Brownbook magazine cover illustration

Brownbook#31 cover illustration


World refugee day

Desktop illustration created for the ‘social calendar’, a project initiated by COSV.


Um Ali article illustration

Full spread illustrations for an article in the magazine BrownBook

Illustration for an explorer blog

Header illustration & design for an explorer's personal blog


Arabic Book Fair

Conception and design of a poster for the Arabic Book Fair in 2009, the year Beirut was nominated the world book capital.


Novel cover illustration

'We are educating people out of their creativity.'

Wedding card illustration hipster

Wedding card illustration


Pencil illustrations

King Abdullah Foundation logo

poem calligraphy

Monter au plus haut

Typographic design


ERADA identity photographs

Photographs created for ERADA and used in various communication materials

Multitasking woman


Illustrations for children

Aunt Osha children book illustration, by Fatima Sharafeddine, Kalimat publishing

"Aunt Osha" children's book illustration

A book about Osha, a typical and talkative Emirati old woman.


'I am Roomi' illustrated children's book

A book for children that aims to foster confident children who acknowledge their individuality and that of others.

Roomi children book illustration promotional poster

Foldable poster distributed with the first book of the series: 'I am Roomi'

The poster encourages children to solve their problems the same way Roomi solves hers.

children book illustration

Second book in the children's book series 'I am Roomi'

Free desktop illustration

Roomi's friends on your desktop

Free desktop illustration

Drawing for speech and language therapist

How can a speech and language therapist draw a hippo?

Teaching speech & language therapists simple and easy drawing techniques.

Edison before Edison

Cover illustration for an article in “Mawhiba” magazine.


Speech Therapist business card

Conception and design of a business card for a speech therapist who’s target-audience/ specialty is kids (from 4 to 15 years old).

children book character design

Roomi character design

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