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Children in our World book series

Sometimes kids hear words on the news that are hard to understand.
This picture book series called “Children in Our World” aims at helping children make sense of the larger issues and crises that dominate the news in a sensitive and appropriate manner. Issues that are so topical and timely.
With relatable comparisons children and carefully researched text, children can begin to understand who refugees are, why they’ve left their homes, what is racism, what it’s like to be poor, why some people are poor…

Where issues aren’t appropriate to describe in words, I use sensitive illustrations to help children visualize the people and situations in hand.

Illustrations by me
Hand texturing of illustrations by Sarah Habli
Text by Louise Spilsbury and Ceri Roberts
Published by Wayland Hachette Group

Continuous illustration on the 4 covers

When the 4 books are put next to each other, a full globe is formed referring to the series name.
In addition this full globe visually represent the viscus cycle of war with no start and no end; where war leads to people leaving their home, which leads to poverty, which leads to racism and intolerance, which leads to war and so on and so forth.

Illustrated on the back cover of all 4 books is a full globe depicting the other side of life: a more positive and uplifting life.

Children's book illustration refugees
Children in our World refugee illustration
children's book illustration homeless
children's book illustration refugees journey
children in our world book illustration
children in our world children's book about poverty
children in our world children's book illustration refugees
children in our world book illustration refugees
children in our world book illustration spreads
children in our world book illustration globe

In Bologna

The books on display in Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Hachette’s stand.

Bologna Children's Book Fair
Children in our World in Bologna Children's Book Fair