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How can a speech and language therapist draw a hippo?

This was a workshop organized by ALO and delivered by me (on the 18th and 25th of May 2013).
The workshop’s aim was to teach speech and language therapists (SLTs) how to abstract and simplify objects / animals / people in action, so that drawing becomes an easy task.

I’ve learned through the years to use my weakness in illustration to my advantage. So when I was asked by Wissam (from ALO) to give this workshop, I created a style/technique that makes drawing animals and objects an easy task for anyone.

The impressive results of the workshop!

I asked the participants to draw a giraffe just before starting the workshop, and then to draw one after 3 hours of practicing.
Check the results down there

If you’re interested in taking this workshop…

…we might be organizing another one. Email me or email ALO alo@orthophonistes.net to let us know.