would i make a difference?

“one person has the power to change… but if we come together we can change the world.”

i am turning off my lights from 8h30 to 9h30 this saturday and lighting up a candle instead.
join me to make a Much bigger difference. and let’s imagine what we can do if we go beyond this hour!


earth hour illustration

i am taking this small action because i care bout the earth and i am aware that climate change is the biggest threat to living beings, and that we should take action. and i am hoping for this action to become a daily habit and for more actions to come…
i am also very happy to have an evening without screens and internet and social networking and… and..  :)

let me know if you are gonna take this small action as well. and what are you gonna do during this hour :)

learn more about the Earth Hour

visit the Earth Hour website



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