“we are educating people out of their creativity.”

standardised culture

i read something for Ken Robinson about the educational system that touched me and intrigued me, so i decided to draw and talk about it.

i used to be very bad at school..
not a very long time ago i discovered that there is a thing in life that i am good at.
a fact that surprised me as i was not used to be “good” at anything :p

now i know for sure about what i love, what i am passionate about, and even addicted to.

but why did take me so long to discover this?
what was i doing during the past 19 years?
how did i improve this “thing” -that i believe- i was born to do, during school?

here are some excerpts from Ken Robinson’s speeches/books:

“an awful lot of people go through education & never discover anything they’re good at at all. we’re all born with tremendous creative confidence and abilities.

young children are full of great ideas and possibilities.

but that tends to be suppressed as we get older. we’ve been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers.

we are educating people out of their creativity…

and it happens in part through this culture of standardised testing that I think is now a blight on the whole of education.
human development is not linear and standardized, it is organic and diverse.
people, as opposed to products, have hopes and aspirations, feelings and purposes.
education is a personal process.

what and how young people are taught have to engage their energies, imaginations and their different ways of learning.”

click here to watch a TED talk by Ken Robinson

for those who are as well intrigued by this subject, William recommends that we read:
“The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything”  Sir Ken Robinson
“Linchpin. Are You Indispensable”  Seth Godin

i heard a lot about these books and read some excerpts. they for sure are some very insightful, inspiring, and even life changing books!


9 comments to “we are educating people out of their creativity.”

  • habib

    kheir ma 2elte

  • Same here… doesn’t it make you feel like making up for the time we lost working our asses of for alienating things ?

    Love the illustration Hanane!

  • Ahmad Osman

    Sometimes, I feel ridiculous being the devil’s advocate, but then again, I sincerely believe that I will be disagreeing out of conviction.

    I absolutely agree that the Western educational system does not encourage creativity, or put better, that creativity is not its priority, but when we come to value judgement – is this something to be lamented?

    The Western educational system is a very utilitarian one, made to educate the masses on the most basic and urgent skills (such as discipline and basic subjects). It is certainly possible to conceive of an educational system that teaches creativity alongside the basics, but that would make it costlier and therefore elitist – not something that can be implemented at a large scale –.

    This is certainly not without its sacrifices – personally I did not feel academically challenged for most of my school years – which again harks to the idea that those who are above average in one aspect or another will feel the educational system lacking, and it is, but this would get the average student being incapable of keeping up with a system tailored for those who are currently suffering.

    Of course, I am talking as if it were an either-or situation, as if it were a choice to be made. Much as I would like to uphold the idea that one can get both worlds in one system, the day is 24 hours, and young bodies and minds can only take so many hours of schooling.

    For those who can take more than that, extracurricular activities exist. Sure, those activities are not always optimal in all schools, but here I would say that the system is not well-implemented, as opposed to being essentially flawed.

    I loved the illustration.

  • same as reading and writing was only for the elite, long time ago. then we can start with the educational system we think is the best, and it would be at first for the people that have lots of money, and it will become bit by bit for the mass public :)

    although we don’t know if it’s more expensive or not…
    let’s talk about this live :) i have a lot to say!

  • i do feel so!!!

    thanks elias :)

  • Ahmad Osman

    By all means let’s talk about this live.
    Big big big kisses. Help.

  • Well, your totally right, first i loved the drawing so much, everything in it’s place, and second this thing appears mostly in the third world, and this is the most annoying thing to me, is that people will be evaluating you with your grades and nothing else, it’s like we have a label on our forehead with our grades on! but i guess no one should care about anyone’s opinion as long as he’s fine with himself and “good at something”, great creative work, Keep it up :D cheers ;)

  • Hi

    Hi Hanane! Best Wishes from Italy! We had a quick talk at Lucca Comics. Have a nice day!

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