italiaaa انا آتيت

italy baby

i won a trip to italy in let’s comics competition.
so i am going to lucca (tuscany) in november :) to the lucca comics and games fair.

lucca italy map

lucca is very famous for its intact renaissance-era city walls… the old town remained intact as the city expanded and modernized.
i am so excited for that trip!

starting to prepare from now…  ;)

trip preparation

the brief of the competition was to give your point of view about ‘multicultural societies’.
here’s the story i presented:

let's comics story

let's comics story page 2

let's comics story page 3

let's comics story page 4

let's comics story page 5


13 comments to italiaaa انا آتيت

  • samar haddad

    yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mabroukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D(K)(K)! i lovedddddddd what u did for the competition w ktir 7abbet kif rasamte 7alik :) ktir salbe. Well earned and deserved!
    big kiss :*

  • Nur

    Is this a true story? :p
    Amazing! 3an jad well deserved!

  • it’s Nour, I missed an o.

  • oops where did my previous comment go?!

  • Hanane!!! Mabrouk!!! :) SO happy for you! Muah!

  • sammour and dina messi :)

    nour, the characters are true (my mom, my sis, aunt, the ethiopian girls) the church really exists and i was really thrilled the first time i saw them in ain aar. their energy is amazing, they are amazing! but it’s not true that i started going to the church because of them :p hahaha (ma tkhabré 7ada :) )

  • antonio

    Hi Hanane! I saw your comic in chatila but i hadn’t understood it was yours! I like it so much, at least the graphics and the colours, because i don’t know arabic, so the text is a mistery for me XD.
    Maybe you’ll tell me when we will see in italy!
    Congratulations, you really deserved the prize, and also the other illustrations on the site are beautiful!

  • thanks antonio, sono molto contente che mi vedrete in Italia. :D
    sure i will translate it to you. and i will translate it to italian directly ;) yeaay

  • Congratulations Hanane….
    I loved the story, and I admire your work.
    Enjoy Italy. Hope to see you when you come back.


  • كتير حلوة
    بس كنت حابة أعرف شو يلي تغيّر فيا عالمزيوط
    لحظة التحوّل كان فيا تكون شي قوي أكتر باعتقادي

  • you are right,
    i don’t like the ending much also…
    3al alilé tet7awwal la shi dinosaur hahaha ;)

  • minimum :P
    I love the education system illustration. Fi ykoun batal chi comic series.

  • abou malek

    belated mabrouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk hanano :0)
    love the new blog look

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